ASC Studio Gallery

Bob Plotnik of Grace Recording Studio and his ASC AttackWall mixing station.

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David Crosby, Graham Nash and David Gilmour with ASC TubeTraps behind them. See more at David Gilmour's website. See these three musical masters laying down the title track of David's new album, "On An Island."

Bruce Swedien's Westviking Studio.

One of the two ATTACK Walls at Trixx Studio in Berlin, Germany.

Ambient Digital Studio's Mastering Suite. Ambient Digital focuses on maintaining the highest quality throughout all aspects of the processing & monitoring chain, including the use of ASC acoustic products.

K-Sound Studios is a studio by muscians for muscians. The entire studio features ASC IsoDamp Ultra Soundproofing. "Without the help of Ty Moyer at ASC, K-Sound Studios would not have accomplished the vision nor the sound". Thank You!

Recording Arts in Nashville owned by Cheryl Crow was designed by Carl Tatz.

One Music 5.1 Editing Suite featuring the ASC MixStation and MonitorStands

Studio B at Crystal Clear Sound is a digital mastering and recording studio equipped with ASC TubeTraps and Half Round TubeTraps.

David Brown Studio equipped with QSF.

Yamaha Commercial Audio Rolling Showroom demo truck.


DiNotte Studio in Paris, France

Welsford Studio

Wavegroup Studio's Live Room

Mark Cravotta Studio

John Harris in the M3 Control Room of Music Mix Mobile Studio.

Music Mix Mobile is a full service studio on wheels.

Engineer and musician Pete Droge of Puzzle Tree Music relies on tried and true mixing techniques that include ASC's AttackWall and Quick Sound Field.

The Scottland Project Studio in San Diego, CA is a room within a room design which incorporated ASC WallDamp and IsoDamp sound conditioning plus PanelTraps to control the live sound.