David Brown Sound

Quick Sound Field User Profile

Engineer David Brown of David Brown Sound relies on tried and true tracking techniques that include ASC’s Quick Sound Field. “I’ve had Studio Traps for years now and use them on almost all of my sessions,” says David. His metro Orlando, Florida studio stays busy recording and mixing a variety of musical styles. “I track a lot of drum sessions for myself and even other studios in the area. I keep several kits and plenty of extra snares ready to go. Studio Traps are always used to fine tune my drum set-ups.”

“I’m also the only studio in the area that has a Steinway B and use Studio Traps in tight and underneath to brighten the sound for modern music. I use them around amps for early reflections and even one properly positioned Studio Trap can dramatically reduce the bleed between live horns or vocals.”

Vocals are where Studio Traps can really shine, providing a ‘tunable’ space around the singer. “Studio Traps are a valuable part of my vocal chain. When someone asks about a particular set-up I always include the trap placement along with which mic and preamp were used,” said Brown.

Mr. Brown just wrapped up a series of vocal sessions that he's been sending to a studio in Nashville for a compilation album. The engineer emailed him asking about his vocal chain (he really liked the sound). His description included the mic and pre-amp choice, but also room placement and the TubeTrap set-up. "That explains it" was his response.