Di Notte Studio - AttackWall

Julien Apruzzese is the owner of Di Notte Studio in Paris, France. He called ASC's Studio Project Advisor Ty Moyer looking for a custom ATTACK Wall that would accommodate his Tannoy Ellipse 10 monitors. After Apruzzese submitted room drawings and photos, Mr. Moyer drew up an overall plan. Chief Engineer Art Noxon devised a custom set of MonitorStands that could handle the unique shape of the Tannoys.

It's much more than a simple nook, because these active tri-amped monitors can pack a punch across a huge bandwidth (40 Hz to 50 kHz).  With all that bass energy, the bridge has to be acoustically transparent. It spans the lower TubeTrap MonitorStand and the twin upper TubeTrap tops. In addition, the Ellipse 10 includes a top mounted tweeter which has to fit comfortably in the bridge.

So, ASC went to work, engineering a unique furniture quality MonitorStand that would be worthy of the ASC reputation of best-in-the-world. After months of R&D that included multiple prototypes and mockups, we finally had a set of plans that were workable. The ASC factory went to work building a pair of these one-of-a-kind Stands.

The entire order was carefully packed on a pallet and shipped to Di Notte Studio in Paris, France. It took a while to get done, but it was worth the wait and Mr. Apruzzese is justifiably proud to have them in his studio:

"The Di Notte Studio is a mixing room with an hybrid concept. It took one year to finish drawings and calculations. The room has been built for the TubeTraps and not the inverse. There is no acoustic treatment on the walls. The whole studio has been imagined in order to accomplish the Quick Sound Field principle. The concept is that none of the walls see themselves. The empty room is acoustically close to a "perfect" room. Its proportions come from M.M. Louden's research report ( 1971 ). The goal of the "Attack Wall" here is to give a Dead End Live End direction and to reduce the RT60 consistently all the way through the audio spectrum. The result is one of the best neutral and natural mixing rooms i have ever worked, thanks to the team at ASC who gave an expert analysis of my work."