Acoustic Products for Recording and Production

Cable Pass Through  

ASC's engineered solution to passing cables through a wall while maintaining a room's soundproof seal. Originally developed for recording studios, it proved versitle in a number of different applications.


ASC's famous TubeTraps mounted on convenient height adjustable stands. Many artists and engineers insist on having StudioTraps on hand to fix hot spots, lay down drum tracks, record sax solos, the list goes on and on. Check out the new Travel Bags here.

Quick Sound Field

This is typically an array of 8 StudioTraps set up for live recording. The QSF is great for perfectly dialing in the sound you want when recording any kind of live sound work you are doing. From orchestras to foley work to a single vocalist, consider the QSF an essential tool.


The AttackWall produces a reliable, repeatable and accurate space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of the room in which it is located. This configuration is used in the control rooms of world class studios all over the world.

Recording Studio Soundproofing

Every project studio needs proper soundproofing, yet few realize that ASC is the only manufacturer with a product designed to improve your studio acoustics as well as contain sound. Associated products include the Cable Pass Through and
In-line HVAC Muffler.

Floating IsoDeck

Acoustic Sciences introduces the IsoDeck System, the non-rubber answer to true deck isolation. Engineered with a technical woven high density felt that isolates every square inch of your deck, plus WallDamp for added damping and resonance control.


CloudPanels offer studios the broadband acoustic control and noise reduction they need to control flutter while mixing tracks. This is more than an easy to hang flat panel product. ASC includes the MixCloud as part of an overall custom acoustic plan for your studio, so there’s no guesswork.


ASC's modular recording environment is perfect for your mixing needs. The Mix Station is a prefabricated wall mounted system of specialized sound absorptive and diffusive panels that is easy to set up in almost any room.


ASC's TubeTrap is a bass trap that has a built-in diffusion membrane to back scatter the treble range. These broadband acoustic properties enable TubeTraps to be utilized in even the most precise studio applications.


ASC's SoundPlanks are great for softening wall or ceiling reflections in your studio. They are also part of the MixStation product package. Our Planks include a diffuser strip and are edge hardened for durability.


ASC's PanelTrap is a bass trap when used in a corner, or a midrange absorber when mounted on the wall. Each Panel comes with built-in diffuser strips to keep the sound bright.

PCAD Panels

The ASC PCAD Panel is a high-quality curved-profile combination absober and treble diffusor. Mounted on the wall, its perfect for reducing the echo in your live room or foley room, without over-deadening the sound.


Bruce Swedien is pictured here next to our MonitorStand, an essential component in the AttackWall system. Our Stands are a specially adapted set of TubeTraps designed to hold your midfield monitors.


ASC has engineered this unique, patented, corner-loaded, edge-mounted sound panel specifically for noise control for live rooms. This a great and affordable way to control excessive sound buildup and room reverberation.

ASC SubTrap

Serious engineers like Bruce Swedien use our SubTrap in their studios to control bass output and increase sonic detail. These may not look like much, but the bass improvement is very impressive.

ASC PicturePanel

Combine beautiful photography with ASC's famous acoustic panel technology, and you get the PicturePanel. Available in a variety of sizes, choose from our library of images, or send in one of your's.