The AttackWall

Used for recording, this configuration will bring you the control room acoustics of a world class studio. The AttackWall produces a reliable, repeatable and accurate space in which to track, mix, and master, regardless of the room in which it is located. Studio Traps tuned with the absorptive side towards the engineer and placed on either side of the monitors, act as a soffit-loaded dead front end. The AttackWall is absorptive down to 110 Hz but loads the low bass then vents around its bottom and top edges to eliminate the vertical bounce.

Bruce Swedien"As I listened I was absolutely amazed to hear, and in my mind's eye, to see, microphone positions in the stereo panorama that I hadn't seen in decades - I had maybe never heard these mixes as well as with the ATTACK Wall. I was absolutely knocked out, just floored. I ordered an AttackWall right there, and it's been a part of my studio world ever since."

—Bruce Swedien, five-time Grammy Award winner

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The Attack Wall was designed by Sam Lynn Halonen, a recording engineer with a passion for the unique acoustic properties of the ASC TubeTrap.

Check out the Attack Wall Flyer.

The AttackWall is composed of a set of TubeTraps, MonitorStands and StudioTraps. The number of Traps required is determined by size of your mixing board and monitors.

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AttackWall Sample Layouts

We simplfied the process to show you three basic layouts for small, medium and large rooms.

A small room, sized 10' x 12' is perfect for a basic project studio. This uses 16 StudioTraps and two 11" MonitorStands. There is no mixing board because all sliders and adjustments are computer based. It's just you and the music, along with a keyboard, mouse and LCD.

A medium size room of 15' x 20' is a typical professional studio setup, with a good sized mixing board. This setup uses 27 StudioTraps and two 13" MonitorStands.

A room of 20' x 30' or larger would fit the largest example presented here. This is the high end professional world class recording studio with a very large mixing board plus other side racks. This setup uses 37 StudioTraps, two 20" MonitorStands and two 20" TubeTraps for the center position.

Regardless of size, each of these setups will give the same unique AttackWall sound. The size is determined by the size of mixing board and to some degree, the monitors. The larger your mixing board is, the larger your AttackWall will need to be.

For more info and larger pictures, download our Sample Layout PDF.

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StudioTraps to the outside of the monitors also serve to control side wall reflections by casting an acoustical shadow on the side wall. This mid field AttackWall develops the punch of far field mains with the detailed accuracy of near field monitors.

StudioTraps are set up behind the engineer to provide diffusion and isolation off the back wall. The reflectors are oriented towards the console in deep studios, or towards the wall in shallow studios. This package can create the LEDE type studio and is suitable to any monitoring system from dual 15's to a single 6. The wrap around AttackWall delivers the kind of mix that will stand up anywhere.

The AttackWall is being used today by the biggest names in the industry. Pictured here is Mark Hoppus in studio with his white Attack Wall. Even though Blink 182 is no longer active, Mark continues to use a huge assortment of ASC studio acoustics.

A seminar presented by ASC president Arthur Noxon, detailing the advantages of the AttackWall in mixing, micing and recording in a professional studio environment. The text of the seminar is available here, complete with photos, descriptions and diagrams.

Surround 2001 InternationalConference and Technology Showcase 5.1 AttackWall Presentation. | PDF Version

New Travel Bag Now Available

After all these years, ASC has finally come up with a nifty nylon carrying bag for our famous StudioTrap. For folks with the Quick Sound Field setup or anyone with StudioTraps, this bag makes portability a snap. It's also a great way to store your Traps and keep dust and dirt out.

It's a slip cover with a convenient carry handle, placed to perfectly balance the StudioTrap when lifted into a horizontal position. We used durable 240 oz. black coated cordura nylon fabric and super tough nylon webbing for the handles. Plus it comes with a drawstring at the base to keep the cover from slipping off during transport.

If you do a lot of travel and don't want to leave your StudioTraps at home, consider picking up some travel bags, bargain priced. Contact us for details. Made in the USA.

Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique situation that requires a custom touch? ASC can help. We often adapt the proven principles within our products to fit a special need. Pictured to the right is a "desktop AttackWall". We linked together 4 Half Round TubeTraps with a top and bottom plate so that they were more stable and looked better. It takes three of these panel sets to make the QSF sound. One dead ahead and the other two flanking the sides. Remember, reflector is toward the mike to get that high intelligibility kind of sound at the mic.