Cable Pass Through Wall Plate

An Engineered Solution

The CablePassThru by Acoustic Sciences Corporation is an engineered alternative to the standard cable pass through available from most retailers. It is designed for running cables through a wall while maintaining sound isolation. Originally intended for use in recording studios, ASC's cable pass through has found use in classrooms, research facilities, architect specifications, offices, and many other situations that need to preserves a room's soundproofing or seal. It is easily installed, requiring little more than an 8.75" x 5.75" hole on both sides of a given wall.

Unlike a patch bay or wall panel, ASC's version of the cable pass through will never have to be replaced because cable formats have changed.

How It Works

Cable Pass Through Wall Plate Lid ClosedThe standard CablePassThru is intended for cables up to 3/8" in diameter. The unit stops sound leakage by passing the cables through two doors on either side of the wall, sealing out the sound through a system of memory foam and the door's own mass. It also maintains its seal from the wall interior, preventing dirt and insulation from entering the cable pass through tunnel.

The CablePassThru system is easy and versatile, allowing for an infinite number of cable combinations and changes with no complex circuitry or difficult rewiring. This makes it a perfect complement to existing patch panels or wall plate solutions. Simply thread the cable through, then close and tighten the doors. It's that easy.

Cable Pass Through Wall Plate Profile

Order Today

The ASC CablePassThru system is sold as a set of two units, one for each side of the wall. Available factory direct for $475 per set.

Contact ASC for more information.