MixCloud: Suspended Acoustic Control

MixClouds offer studios the broadband acoustic control and noise reduction they need to control flutter while mixing tracks. This is more than an easy to hang flat panel product. ASC includes the MixCloud as part of an overall custom acoustic plan for your studio, so there’s no guesswork. The end result will clearly sound better because it was heard better in the first place. Resonance coloration, sound cancellation and room ringing are minmized by ASC MixClouds.

Superior Handcrafted Quality

Each MixCloud is meticulously crafted and hand built to a degree of quality far exceeding anything available elsewhere. Only ASC protects the 2” acoustic fiberglass core, front and back, with a layer of fire rated spun polyester before covering with fabric.

MixClouds are available covered with 5 in-stock Guilford of Maine 701 fabrics, or choose from many special order colors to match your specific needs. Custom sizes are available up to 4 feet by 10 feet, our skilled technicians will suggest the size that works best. Then our shop crew will assemble and ship your order, made entirely in the USA from US made components.

Perfect for Any Studio

MixClouds work well in both large and small control rooms where reverb can be a problem and noise levels get too high. Vertical sound reflection is absorbed by the MixCloud, killing the primary monitor reflections and the console reflections. The MixCloud also excells in situations where the ceiling is not flat such as when exposed ductwork and pipes are present.

Super Easy Installation

Our technicians will suggest an effective acoustic plan based on your particular needs, often including MixClouds above the control board. Installation is fast and easy too. Each panel has four eye hooks which attach to wire suspended from the ceiling. Full install instructions included with every order. For pricing, Contact Us.