ASC Noise Mufflers

technician Kim Powell assembles Muffler 

All fiberglass is fully encapsulated.

Shop Foreman Bud Sawyer prepares to paint

ASC In-Line Mufflers are used to quiet HVAC noise, and to limit sound leakage via the HVAC system. Each situation is different, yet the principle used to quiet the noise is always the same. Acoustic grade fiberglass is used to absorb noise within the HVAC system and convert it into heat energy. The muffler on your car or truck also uses fiberglass to absorb almost all of the noise generated by your engine.

When ASC builds an In-Line Muffler, it's always a custom design based on your application and needs. Recording studios use In-Line Mufflers to quiet the rushing air sound generated by their HVAC system. Studio live rooms can leak unwanted sound into other rooms that are supposed to be quiet. ASC Mufflers can help.

The design for each Muffler is based on the physics and science of acoustics, removing all guess-work from the equation. Then the ASC factory in Eugene, Oregon goes to work building the order to the highest specifications. All fiberglass is fully encapsulated by a Typar covering to prevent glass fibers from getting into the air. Some designs may be baffled, some may be flow through as shown to the left.

In each case, care is given to the exact customer needs for the application. Some Mufflers are used within ceiling cavities, some are placed within walls.