ASC PanelTraps

ASC introduces high quality user installed bass trapping, and flat panels, in one product. The PanelTrap addresses a wide range of acoustic needs, making virtually any studio sound significantly better. Corner loaded bass trapping is a snap, giving you control of flutter echo and boundary loading problems, mode buildup, standing waves and impulse ringing. Every PanelTrap has built-in treble diffusion; sound remains “bright” and natural, not the dull acoustic qualities of foam. Get the PanelTrap difference and start laying down some phat tracks today.

The PanelTrap is a simple, versatile solution to improving the acoustics in your studio, mixing room, live room or just about any room. If you have a hotspot causing a headache or just need to get started with an acoustic treatment package, the PanelTrap might be for you.

This product is serious bass trapping that’s easy to install and totally affordable. Our own research shows it to be superior to foam in both acoustic quality, bass absorption and flammability. You get to decide how and where to install, try out different configurations or just mount the panels flat against the wall. The difference will be dramatic, acoustically and economically.

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