PCAD Panels

The ASC PCAD Panel is a high-quality curved-

Absorber and Treble 

The PCAD allows you to fine-tune the performance of your room by providing broadband absorption to reduce the "echo" in the room. These unique panels have the added benefit of treble reflectors distributed evenly throughout the panel. This is the perfect product for live rooms and foley studios, calming the room just enough without overly deadening the sound.

Maintain even sound throughout the affected space and keep the live "ambient" feel of the room while effectively reducing the resonance that degrades the live sound of a performance.

PCAD Panels come in three sizes: 18" x 48", 24" x 48" & 36" x 60". Standard frame color is black, oak is optional, and a floor standing version is also optional. Choose from 5 stock colors or from over 60 custom fabrics.

More Information

As always, ASC gives you incredible heirloom finish detail designed to last a lifetime. The optional oak finish is truly furniture grade, for a studio you can be proud to show off to anyone. This option must be specified at the time of ordering.


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