Solid Sound Studio, Ann Arbor, MI. Photo by Mike Gould, MondoDyne Digital Photography

Studio Acoustics With Cool Factor

Finally, a studio can both sound great and look great. ASC has combined the science of sound absorption with the art of printing and produced the PicturePanel. Where ever the artwork goes up, ASC's top quality acoustics will be ready and waiting. Used in the office and lobby, live room, mixing room, even the break room, almost anywhere that reflection absorption and diffusion are required. We took ASC's famous flat panel acoustics with built-in diffusion and added stunning color photography and artwork, much of it with a musical theme. The result is nothing short of awesome.

Professionally Voiced By Art Noxon

Mr. Noxon spent many hours and many prototypes to get the PicturePanel to sound just right. Everything form the balance of reflection to absorption, even the frequency rolloff curves, have been dialed in. Just below the surface of the image is a hidden grid of sound reflecting strips, diffusers, which gives the panel a lifelike sparkle. Up close or across the room, the Picture Panel looks as good as it sounds.

Our Picture Library, or Send ASC Your Photos

We offer a constantly growing list of studio themed images for you to choose from. For a small fee, you can send in a digital image of your own.


  • Looks like artwork, acts like a pro-sound panel
  • Broadband vocal range panel is 2” thick
  • Use your own photos, or choose from our collection
  • A fully functioning sound panel with pictures
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Reasonably priced


Actual size sample of the "Floating Note" image showing rich textural detail.


PicturePanel Image Selection

Multimedia Artwork Collection

Conductor 36" x 24"
Keyboard Player 36" x 24"
Floating Note 36" x 24"
Piano Player 36" x 24"
Violin and Trumpet 24" x 36"
Midnight Sax Player 24" x 36"
French Horn 24" x 36"
Clarinet 24" x 36"
Musical Tree 36" x 24"
Guitar Player 36" x 24"

Photo Selection

White Guitar 48" x 36"
Guitar and Sunset 36" x 24"
Piano 36" x 24"
Rock Band 24" x 16"
Trumpet 24" x 16"
Red Guitar 24" x 16"