The SoundFlag is designed to provide up to 5 times more noise absorbing power than standard wall panels, without creating that overly dead wall panel sound. Simply install one flag on edge every 2 to 3 feet around the upper perimeter of the room and you'll instantly notice the difference. Sound buildup and excessive reverberation is eliminated, yet the room stays clear and bright.

The SoundFlag is the forerunner in a revolution of acoustics. This patented, corner-loaded, edge-mounted sound panel is designed specifically for noise control in the band room, practice room and studio. With SoundFlags you won't have to move lights, sprinklers, and security devices to achieve a better sound. And unlike a suspended ceiling - you won't lose an extra 6 inches of headroom. A standard Sound Flag is just 2 inches thick with 12-inch and 16-inch sides, although larger panels and custom cuts are available. Sound Flags are covered in a wide variety of fire-retardant fabrics.