Skywalker Sound Design Studio

A Speedbump for Sound

The SoundPlank is perfect for absorbing excess bass while keeping the acoustics bright and alive. Reverberation and echo signals are controlled while a fine-grained, diffusive reflection pattern fills the room. The resulting acoustic signature is smooth and uniform throughout. SoundPlanks are typically used in live rooms, mixing rooms, foley studios, even mastering suites. Many variations are possible, limited only by the need for a flat surface for mounting. They can be wall or ceiling mounted, or panelized for easy installation. They can also be ordered in varying lengths and thicknesses to form visually appealing patterns or accomplish specific absorption frequencies.

Incredible Finish Quality

The standard SoundPlank measures 6” or 8” by 60” in length by 2” thick. There is much more than a simple fabric covered fiberglass block here, our SoundPlanks are fully encapsulated by an acoustically transparent membrane to prevent glass fibers from entering your room. Each Plank also comes with our patented diffuser strip built-in and special end hardening to improve durability. Finally, we cover each Plank with fully adhered Guilford fabric. ASC’s own fabrication technicians will hand build and meticulously assemble each Plank to a quality standard only available from ASC.

For recording studios where sound levels are expected to be high, we offer a panelized version of the SoundPlank (shown above). Each panel is custom sized, with SoundPlanks mounted on a fabric covered backer board. When installed on a wall, the Planks line up perfectly, forming what looks a bit like a curtain. The end result is much more sonic detail regardless of where you are in the room.


The SoundPlank is typically suspended from a single screw, which fits into a factory installed grommet on the back. In some cases where the Plank could be bumped into, screws are installed directly through the face of the SoundPlank. ASC sells an optional Panel Install Kit for $20. Check out the Panel Screw Install Guide.

Regardless, the SoundPlank is all about slowing down room reflections without completely wiping them out. The resulting sound is natural and "live" without being harsh or out of control.

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