Used all over the world, ASC StudioTraps are based on the famous ASC TubeTrap, and are a powerful and versatile tool for the recording industry. These Traps not only absorb sound energy, but create diffusion to give the room a more defined and natural sound. The front half of the StudioTrap cylinder is treble reflective to give a bright, diffusive backscatter for recording with enhanced presence. The back half is treble absorptive for the traditional dry recording. StudioTraps are sold individually or as part of the AttackWall or Quick Sound Field systems. Each unit measures 9” in diameter by 49” long and can extend from a height of 54” to as high as 74”. StudioTraps are available in a wide variety of colors.

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Attack Wall Application

Wrap the console with StudioTraps and add a few behind the mix position to create a separate, repeatable, acoustic subspace, independent of the room. The absorbing side of the Traps face the engineer to stop those early reflections. The reflecting side of the Traps face the walls of the room to provide a time delayed diffusive ambience kick. Speakers are mounted on Monitor Traps which decouple the midfield monitor from the vertical modes of the room. The speakers are snug fit into an acoustic wall formed by Studio Traps. The resulting AttackWall opens at the floor and ceiling to provide venting for the bass wave just prior to impact which further reduces (LF) coupling to the vertical modes. Best of all, it makes any room into a consistently reliable environment.

Quick Sound Field Application

The Quick Sound Field is a nearfield acoustic environment that improves the quality of the signal at the mic. It uses StudioTraps to surround and separate both mic and talent from the room. The QSF creates a controlled and very stable acoustic workstation and completes the missing link, the acoustic part of the mic environment in todays digital studio. Sonic structure inside the QSF is so consistent, you can break the kit down, put it away, days later you can casually set it back up anywhere and get the same sound you had before.

New Travel Bag Now Available

After all these years, ASC has finally come up with a nifty nylon carrying bag for our famous StudioTrap. For folks with the Quick Sound Field setup or anyone with StudioTraps, this bag makes portability a snap. It's also a great way to store your Traps and keep dust and dirt out.

It's a slip cover with a convenient carry handle, placed to perfectly balance the StudioTrap when lifted into a horizontal position. We used durable 240 oz. black coated cordura nylon fabric and super tough nylon webbing for the handles. Plus it comes with a drawstring at the base to keep the cover from slipping off during transport.

If you do a lot of travel and don't want to leave your StudioTraps at home, consider picking up some travel bags, bargain priced. Contact us for details. Made in the USA.