ASC TubeTraps in the Studio Environment

Acoustic Sciences Corporation developed the TubeTrap as a corner loaded bass trap and voiced with a treble range diffusor panel. The TubeTrap has unique acoustic properties that are perfect for the studio environment. Used in mixing rooms, control rooms, live rooms, foley rooms, informed industry professionals insist on this product by name.

We are pleased to announce the ASC TubeTrap plus three other ASC products are included on Stereophile's 500 Recommended Components List for 2009, in their April issue. Here are some excerpts:

"Relatively inexpensive but remarkably effective room acoustics treatment. TubeTraps soak up low-to-high bass standing-wave resonances like sponges."

"The sound was fantastic, quotes Stereophile reviewer BD who recommends them unconditionally."

ASC's TubeTrap is used as a free-standing bass trap in room corners, or as wall or ceiling mounted Half-Round or Quarter-Round Traps (as featured above at Ambient Digital Studio). The same basic Trap is used for our StudioTrapQuick Sound Field and our AttackWall products.

Why Do You Need TubeTrap Bass Traps?

As sound waves impact a wall or corner, the acoustic energy is rearranged and the kinetic energy is transformed into potential energy (sound pressure). This results in loud bass against the wall and even louder bass in the corner. TubeTraps are designed to take full advantage of this concentration of acoustic pressure. They convert high pressure fluctuations into air movement within the dense walls of the Trap. Through regulated friction in the walls of the TubeTrap, energy is damped out of the wave.

Because of how it works the TubeTrap is known as a 'pressure zone bass trap.' To determine where a TubeTrap should be placed, just walk around the room and listen for areas of heavy bass. The TubeTraps should be positioned in these areas -- usually the corners of the room.

TubeTraps are available in diameters of 9, 11, 13, 16, 20 and 24" with corresponding lower frequency roll-offs to 35 Hz and heights up to 8'. Fractional round bass traps (half and quarter rounds) are also available for corner or ceiling placement.

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