Quick Sound Field Technicals

HIGH INTELLIGIBILITY (Haas Effect) VOCAL BOOTH The high intelligibility vocal booth incorporates the Haas effect into the traditional signature of a dry vocal booth. The specification for this booth is found in the ETC (Energy Time Curve).

The standard dry vocal booth (shown on left) has a direct signal spike that lifts out of a low level noise background. Interior reflections and resonances will color the signal and smear the attack transient detail. The direct signal in the Haas effect vocal booth (shown on right) has a 4 ms ETG (Early Time Gap) followed by a statistically diffuse group of early reflections. This statistical ambience produces a bright and openly natural sound at the mic.

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The sound isolation of any booth should be rated at 30 dB, STC or better. The decay rate of any vocal booth should be RT-60 of 100 ms or better. The quality of the early reflections in the Haas Effect vocal booth is also specified. These must be the specular, coherent type. The diffusion rate is 1000/sec or better with random time offsets while the RT-60 decay rate is 75 to 100 ms.