Quick Sound Field Sightings

Every now and then, a StudioTrap, TubeTrap or QSF shows up in a movie or video. In the 20+ years these products have been around, they've become accepted as an industry standard for live recording. This has led to sightings in movies and music videos that we love to know about. We rarely hear about these sightings, so we're asking you to let us know when you spot a QSF in a movie or video. 

West Viking Studio Used to Record Grammy Nominated Album

ASC is proud to announce this incredible video showing off ASC-TubeTrap acoustics. Lead Vocals by Brent Carter. Drums by Josh Garneau. Guitars by Jordan Garneau. Pianos/Keyboards by Mason Embry. Written by Kent and Jordan Garneau and Darren Corlew. Orchestrated by Jeremy Lubbock. Produced/ Engineered by Bruce Swedien. Co-Engineered by Keith Henderson.

Recording at WaveGroup for Activision's "Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360"

This 6 minute movie takes you behind the scenes at WaveGroup Sound, where the music was produced for Guitar Hero II for Xbox 360. Get a glimpse at the musicians, vocalists, and engineers involved in making the music for this award-winning game. ASC's QSF is used, along with Quarter Round TubeTraps, PCAD Panels and SoundPlanks, to lay down live tracks in studio. 

Laurel Canyon

This highly recommended movie is an engaging, entertaining glimpse into the lives of musicians nestled in the titular Hollywood Hills enclave. Jane (Frances McDormand), is a legendary record producer. Early on, she's shown in her sunroom with some StudioTraps in the background. See if you can spot the StudioTrap on this clip called "We Really Have a Deep Connection"

David Gilmour's "On An Island" CD

Mr. Gilmour got together with David Crosby and Graham Nash for a few songs on this fine CD. Turns out he's still using his TubeTraps, and we spotted them in a number of session shots while he was recording aboard the Astoria, his houseboat. Check out the rest here. Check out the Electronic Press Kit video here for additional sightings.

Porter Wagoner

We are sorry to hear that Porter Wagoner passed on recently. His name and sound are so familiar. One song in particular from his last album, Wagonmaster, is getting lots of airtime right now. It is “Committed to Parkview” by Johnny Cash and was recorded with Marty Stuart at Omni sound in Nashville. In the video of the song, he is surrounded by ASC Studio Traps and they are also in photos from the actual recording session. We are very proud to have played even the smallest role in helping to record his voice.


Producer/engineer Glen Kolotkin has worked on hundreds of records during the course of a three-decade career, including several for Santana, beginning with Santana III in 1971 and continuing through his multi-multi-Platinum Supernatural. Now, from his current home in Boynton Beach, Fla., Kolotkin has assembled another genre-crossing ensemble—Latin pop sextet Ka-Cha—that combine sinewy guitar work a la early Santana with modern pop melodies and distinct world influences.