Studio Acoustic Services

Along with manufacturing and sales of acoustic products, ASC offers a no-charge initial consultation to help customers select and use our products effectively.

A more in-depth design service complete with an acoustical engineering report is also available for a nominal fee. The fee is later applied to your purchase. Just fax, mail or attach to an email* a dimensioned sketch, blueprints or photos** of the room /space you are planning to treat and we will propose a design using ASC products. We can also start with a minimal acoustic treatment, and design an upgrade path for you to work up to, as time and budget allows.

Click here to view a typical ASC design proposal.

* When email attachements, please convert your drawing files to one of the following formats: JPG, GIF, BMP or PDF.

** Please follow these guidelines when taking photos of your room. This will help our design staff visualize your space better.




The MATT Test (Musical Articulation Test Tones) TM is a Modulation Transfer Function test developed by Acoustic Sciences Corporation for the purpose of testing recording studios, hi-end listening rooms and other facilities where critical and precise audio playback and recording equipment is used. The MATT Test is a rapid sequence of tone bursts (1/16 seconds long and apart) that start at 28 Hz, rise in pitch to 780 Hz then descend back down to 28 Hz. The MATT Test can be recorded and sent to ASC for evaluation.

Click here for a complete description of the MATT Test.



Custom Studios

ASC is able to custom design and manufacture products to suit your specific acoustic requirements. We'll work with your architecht or designer to come up with the right solution that looks great AND does what its supposed to do. The customization can range from a slight modification of existing ASC products to a start-from-scratch innovation.



Trade Show Services

ASC has been in several professional and consumer trade shows with live demonstrations of their highly endorsed AttackWall and Quick Sound Field. ASC products can greatly improve your product demos at shows and we're ready to help you. Whether you are a muscian, engineer, or a gear manufacturer, we can get you set up with a show rental of StudioTraps, TubeTraps or whatever you require. Give us a call, we can help you sound better.