Guidelines for Photographing Your Room

Our engineering department came up with some helpful hints to keep in mind while photographing your room.

  • Include floor and ceiling in each shot
  • Use vertical format if necessary
  • Step back same number of steps from each shot, so all photos are same size


For the normal squarish room

  • Stand in the middle of the opposite wall
  • Take 3 shots of each wall, overlap each photo
  • Minimum 12 shots
  • Diagram the shots on a floor plan sketch
  • Label each photo A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, etc.
  • Addition photos to document out of frame detail such as vaulted ceiling, equipment or floor molding, any additional info you feel we should know about.

For longer walled rooms

  • Do corner and center shot
  • Step over and do overlapping second center shot
  • Continue down the wall with center filled shots till the other corner is approached
  • Then do the two end shots

Send photos, plus any room drawings or layouts, to ASC in digital format using the following email address: