Remote Traps

Pro Sound News, April 1988

NEW YORK—Effanel Music has installed TubeTraps in its mobile unit, representing the first major use of the product by a high-profile remote recording facility.

Randy Ezratty, owner of Effanel Music is no stranger to the world of remote recording. Ezratty has taken his system to Africa, to record Paul Simon's Graceland Tour; to Slane Castle in Scotland, to record U2's platinum album The Unforgettable Fire; and throughout the United States, to record just about every major act that has toured here.

When Ezratty purchased the 48-track mobile unit, which was originally built in Nashville, he found the acoustics to be intolerable. He described the sound as similar to "being in a tunnel or cave," a pretty accurate description of the 50-foot semi-trailer.

The only acoustic treatment in the trailer was some sculptured foam, which was glued up on the front wall around the speakers, and on the side walls. While this afforded a popular look, it did not offer the degree of acoustic control necessary to provide a high quality monitoring environment.

After several conversations with Michael Nemeth, a technician at ASC, Ezrattv was convinced that he could develop a complete acoustic environment. The installation was completed in a couple of days, while Ezratty took a short break from his hectic touring schedule.

"The difference is amazing," said Ezratty after hearing the redone van. "The bass is smooth and tight. The imaging is excellent and the tunnel sound we had is gone. We can get six or seven people in here and they can all get a stereo perspective."

According to the manufacturer, the high frequency diffuser strip in the TubeTrap creates a fast and lively high end in the tight confines of a cube van or trailer.